Magimix 3200XL Food Processor - White

Magimix 3200XL Food Processor - White

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Magimix Food Processor

3200XL - White

To chop, blend, mix, puree food and to crush ice. To knead bread, pizza dough, pastries, brioche and batters. To make meringues, whipped cream and souffles. To make soups, milkshakes, pancake batter and smoothies. To slice and grate vegetables, cheese, fruits


- High quality Serrated Sabatier main and mini stainless blades, stainless steel slicers and graters

- Simple to use. Only 3 buttons for all functions. Motor automatically adjust power for each task

- Safe compact storage box for main blade, dough blade, whisk and discs

- Instruction and recipe book. More than 100 recipes from starters to dessert


- Mini Bowl Capacity 1.2 Litres

- Midi Bowl Capacity 2.2 Litres

- Main Bowl Capacity 2.6 Litres

- Voltage 220V  

What's in the box:
x 1 Storage Box
x 1 2mm Grating and Slicing disc
x 1 4mm Grating and Slicing disc
x 1 Main Blade
x 1 Dough Blade
x 1 Spatula
x 1 Egg Whisk
x 1 Disc Support
x 1 Main Bowl
x 1 Midi Bowl
x 1 Mini Bowl
x 1 Mini blade
x 1 Pusher for Main bowl
x 1 Blender Mix Ring
x 1 Recipe Book

Warranty: 5 years