Bosch - Meat Mincer Blocking Power

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Bosch - Meat Mincer Blocking Power


Bosch Meat Mincer Blocking Power is a great mincer for fast and reliable processing. 

- Fast processing through strong motor
- Fast processing of huge amounts through strong motor 2,7kg
- Features a 700W motor and a 2000W motor blocking wattage
- 3 Plates at 8mm, 4.8mm and 3mm. Coarse and fine
- Easy handling due to practical handle, cable storage and disc compartment
- Design and suction feet secure standing
- Flexible use not only mincing of meat and fish, but also preparation of Kebbe and sausages


- Power: 2000W motor block power

- Capacity : 3.5kg per minute 

- colour: black and silver 

- small: 3mm , medium: 4.8mm and large: 8mm discs

- 220 - 240v

- 50 / 60 Hz

What's In The Box:
x 1 Filling Aid
x 1 Filling Tray
x 1 Rasp Attachment
x 1 Rough Grating Disc
x 1 Stuffer
x 1 Sausage Attachment
x 1 Cutting Disc Insert Thin
x 1 Kebbe Attachment


Warranty: 12 months