Kenwood Big Tube Juicer

Kenwood Big Tube Juicer

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Kenwood - 700W Big Tube Juicer


This high performance centrifugal juicer makes it easier than ever to increase your fruit and vegetable intake with delicious, nutritious fresh juice. Featuring a large feeding tube that can fit whole fruit and vegetables and two-speed control that allows you to adjust the power to suit the consistency of the fruit or vegetable you are juicing. It can make a large amount of juice at a time and can easily be cleaned under a tap. This is a great choice for fresh, fuss-free juicing at home

Equipped with a large 75mm feeding tube that can fit whole fruit or vegetables without cutting them into smaller pieces

Two-speed control allows you to adjust the power to match the different consistency of hard and soft ingredients

Detachable anti-drip spout prevents any juice from dripping.

Equipped with a large capacity 2L pulp container so that you can make more juice in one go

Durable metal spinner holds the fruits firmly in place and squeezes the juice more efficiently

Safety lock clamps the juicer parts tightly together so that they don't move while juicing

Easy to clean; the juicer is designed to be cleaned under the tap

What's in the box

1 x Kenwood JEMSS Spin Juicer

1 x 2l pulp container

Warranty: 12 months