Kenwood Blend-X Classic Blender

Kenwood Blend-X Classic Blender

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Kenwood - Blend-X Classic Blender


Using leading edge  multizone blades, the Kenwood Blend-X Classic is a blender that not only brings stylish design to any kitchen, with a strong 800W motor it delivers up to 25% better results when preparing smoothies, frozen desserts, sauces,purees and soups.

It features a dishwasher-safe goblet made from special Thermoresist glass, so that steaming hot soups or iced drinks can be prepared with complete confidence. Blend-X Classic is available with a fully variable speed dial for those who like to precisely control the texture of their food themselves, and additionally with special pre-programmed settings for complete ease of use and peace of mind.


- Powerful 800W motor

- Blade technology

- 3 Pre-set programmes: Blend, crush ice and rinse

- Variable speed and pulse

- Dishwasher safe

What's in the box

1 x BLP610 blender

1 x 1.6L thermoresist glass jug

Warranty: 12 months