Mellerware Juno Pressure Cooker

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Mellerware Juno Pressure Cooker


If slow cooked sounds delicious, but takes too long, you might want to look into a pressure cooker. By super heating steam, it transfers heat quickly and efficiently cooking food to perfect tenderness in half the time of conventional cooking methods

- The electric pressure cooker has preset cooking times, and switches to 'keep warm' when it's done
- Pressure creates super-heated steam, which cooks food evenly, quickly and easily
- Stainless steel housing, non-stick removable cooking pot, plastic pressure lid
- Safety lock lid with pressure release valve
- Digital display with preset cooking functions
- Keep warm function
- Non-stick, easy to clean inner pot

- Capacity: 5 Litre (4 Litre actual cooking capacity at pressure)
- Voltage: 220-230V

- 24 hour cooking timer

whats in the box

1 x pressure cooker 

warranty: 24 months